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Insurance policies are only as strong as the company backing them. InvestEdge Title provides leading title and settlement services to realtors, homebuyers, attorneys, and lenders. Increase your peace of mind and financial safety net when you’re protecting your home, property investments, or clients.

Flexible Coverage Options

Whether you’re buying a home, issuing a loan, or selling real estate, we offer convenient and comprehensive title insurance policies, including Enhanced Policies, to protect your best interests.

Risk-Free Settlements

Our title professionals have helped facilitate thousands of smooth settlements. Get from contract to closing knowing your real estate transaction is safe and secure.

Streamline the Closing Process

Bring more ease and flow into the closing process. Our team serves as the key point of contact so you can get to closing day on time, without any loose ends.

Partner with InvestEdge

Want to close more real estate deals and simplify your workflow in the process? Benefit from an agency partnership with InvestEdge Title to start growing your business.

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Who We Work With

InvestEdge is a premier provider of title insurance for New Jersey realtors, future homeowners, lenders, and attorneys. Our dynamic and forward-thinking team is here to protect your legal and financial interests so you can move up in your life or career.

Find out how our title and settlement services, along with our proven track record of success, provide the foundation you need to thrive.


We help facilitate a hassle-free closing experience for realtors who want to go above and beyond for their clients. Work with us to protect them from costly and time-consuming title defects while scaling your own business in the process.


Secure your dream home without having to worry about title issues like forgeries, unknown liens, and encroachments. Whether you’re buying or refinancing, our flexible insurance policies are here to safeguard your investment.


Get protected against problems that arise with properties you have a stake in. Our comprehensive Lender’s insurance helps banks and other financial institutions issue loans with more confidence. Enjoy coverage up to the amount of your loan until the mortgage is paid in full.


We work with attorneys to resolve title issues quickly and efficiently for their clients, from access and boundary disputes to fraud and forgery litigation. Win more cases with a reputable title company and network of expert underwriters behind you.

Title Tools


myTitleVault by Accutitle lets you get quotes, manage multiple transactions, place orders, and view the status of documents on the go. Utilize our secure document portal and built-in communication tools to stay organized and connected.


TitleCapture gives you instant access to quotes and affordability tools so you can simplify real estate transactions and answer questions on the spot. Plus, you can quickly create professional seller net sheets and estimates with your own branding.

Mortgage Calculator

Keep your clients happy by giving them real-time information that will help them plan for the future. Enjoy unlimited access to our free mortgage calculator so you can provide quick and accurate estimates on their monthly mortgage payments.

Expert Underwriters


Don’t be in the dark when you’re trying to secure a loan. Our expert underwriters are here to deliver on your mortgage needs in the most effective and transparent way possible.

Who We Are

InvestEdge Title was founded on decades of collective title and real estate experience. Our agents provide a full range of title and settlement services in New Jersey, including Middlesex, Bergen, Somerset, and Monmouth counties. Not to mention, a complete suite of title tools to make your next sale or purchase a breeze.

Realtors and homebuyers need to be agile in today’s fast-paced market. We are happy to provide state-wide coverage and leading technology to deliver on all of your title needs. Rest assured knowing you have a full-service title company in your corner when you’re ready to take the next big step in your life.


Meet InvestEdge’s President, Gloria Maynard

Gloria is a Business Development and Growth Strategist with over 30 years of title experience. She continually looks for ways to increase the value proposition offered to our clients. A pragmatic self-starter, Gloria goes above and beyond to provide our clients with everything they need to achieve their real estate goals. She also has experience as an entrepreneur, in the private sector, and with nonprofits to bring her expertise full circle.

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